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At Skroutz, we have a vision to make everyone’s life better by creating the most trustworthy, trouble-free, and easy to use online discovery and shopping experience. We want to provide this experience not only to our users and partners, but also to our team members.

Today we are going through one of the most exciting times for Skroutz. We are rapidly transitioning to a marketplace model, we constantly invest in technology and innovation and we acquired MyJobNow Delivery to enter in the last mile market.

If a problem is hard then it is worth solving. It’s our role to isolate the problem from the solution and give users what they actually want, not what they think they want.


We firmly believe that people drive our business forward and we strive daily to build a powerful team that shares the same passion and enthusiasm for eCommerce and technology.

With almost 12k stores and more than 10 million products on its platform, Skroutz.gr is one of the most visited sites and the leading Marketplace in Greece.

Our engineering team counts more than 160 developers building an application that peaks at more than 100k requests per minute and ~35 million visits per month.

Our engineering values

  • Know your Tech. Develop and master your craft, sharpen your tools. Be proud of your work.
  • Release early & Iterate. Deliver prototypes and start gathering important feedback early on. Use that feedback to guide you. Don’t be afraid to compromise, make sure to come back & tidy things up.
  • Be a team player. Offer your help, listen and seek to understand. Step up & take initiatives.
  • Don’t over anything. Don’t over-engineer, over-analyze, over-regulate, you get it.
  • Enjoy your work. Celebrate success.

Technologies we use

  • Our main stack is Ruby for the backend - using the Ruby on Rails framework - with Javascript (ES6) and React/Redux for the frontend.

  • Our main storage is a MariaDB cluster. We heavily use Elasticsearch, Kafka, MongoDB, Redis and Memcached.

  • We use Jenkins for our CI and various tools like Sentry, NewRelic and Grafana for monitoring.

  • If you’re interested in our infrastructure, take a look at this post that gives a broad idea of what it looks like and how we manage it.

Generally we try to pick the best tool we know or we can find that serves our needs.

Do you want to join us?

Check out our job openings in our careers page!

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