Skroutz architecture in bullet points

I saw this nice post from the stack exchange people about their architecture in bullet points and I thought I should write a similar one for skroutz. This includes only, not sister sites (like,, etc)


  • 31M pageviews per month
  • 400 - 450 HTTP requests per second (peak hours)

##Data Centers

  • 1 Rack in our home grown DC (200 Mb fiber)

##Production Servers

  • 2 (soon 3) Application Servers running Debian (total 4 CPUS, 24GB of ram)
  • 1 (soon 2) Asset servers (Debian + Ngnix)
  • 2 Database Servers (Master 32GB, Slave 8GB, Debian, MySQL Server, MongoDB)
  • 1 Product Catalog update server (Debian)
  • 1 Sun 7210 Unified storage (soon to be replaced by a clustered storage solution)
  • Load balancers, DNS Routers, Firewalls etc provided by DC

##Software and Technologies Used

##The team

  • 7 Developers
  • 1 System administrator